Friday, 15 January 2016

Going round in circles...

Having one of those weeks when it feels like we're in some kind of old style comedy sketch.  You know, with the music and the speeded up people going in and out of doors looking for each other and missing each other by seconds?

Decide to go out in the van
Van won't start
Decide to jump start off of car
Find jump leads
Drive car up next to van
Jump leads won't reach
Bush in the way of getting car closer
Decide to cut down bush
Look for saw
Can't find saw
Ponder driving car to new house to pick up saw, driving back to bungalow, cutting down bush, driving car closer, attaching jump leads, jump starting van
Remember saw at new house needs a new blade
Drive car to new house, collect saw
Drive car to shop to get new blade
Fit new blade to saw
Cut down bush
Drive over bush stump to get close to van
Jump leads still don't reach (can't get closer as bungalow in the way)
Drive car to shop to get jump start battery thing
Charge up jump start battery thing day...
Jump start battery thing does not work
Drive car to shop to get battery charger
Try to remove battery from van in order to charge
Search for tools to remove battery from car
Realise tools are at the new house
Ponder driving to new house vs buying new tools

Ladies and gentlemen, my life.

○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

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