Thursday, 4 February 2016

Disabled Facilities Grant daftness

I hate red tape.

You know, bureaucracy for the sake of it.

We're at the point now where we've applied for the DFG, and it's been approved (yay) and we have a shortfall of just over £25K (boo).  Council procedure is that when there is a shortfall, they refer you to a loan company which lends to people who can't get credit elsewhere.  I don't mean Wonga type loans, I mean an ethical company which looks at your financial information and - if you can demonstrate that you can afford the repayments - lends up to £25K.  With neither of us working right now (me medically retired because of the brain cloud, Mr looking after me and Smiler as well as Petal and Noah) we'd be unlikely to get approved for a loan through any other means.  IF we get this, we still need to find about five grand, and we're hoping that small amounts from a few charities, together with what we have put by, will mean we're sorted.

The problem?

The charities can't make an award unless a DFG has been approved. Fair enough.  So I asked for a letter from the councils Accessible Homes team to send to the charities.  But they can't give me that until ALL the funding is secured - the whole of the £25K shortfall.  So I need to secure all the funding before I can get a letter that states they are awarding the DFG.  If I could secure all the funding, I wouldn't need to be applying to charities.  

Did you ever see a film called The Secret of My Success, with Helen Slater and Michael J Fox?  He's trying to find work and ends up asking an employer (who has just turned him down because "we need someone with experience") how he is supposed to get experience when he can't get a job to get any experience until he has experience (fab film by the way, so long as you can get past the eighties hair and shoulder pads and casual sexism).  


I hate red tape.

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