Saturday, 30 June 2018

Moving from DLA to PIP when you're 16 : part two

After getting the appointee sorted, everything went quiet for a couple of months - we celebrated Smiler's sixteenth birthday, and forgot about the whole PIP thing - until the next brown envelope landed in the postbox (about a month after his birthday).

This was addressed to Mr, and asked him to decide whether he wanted to make a claim for PIP on Smiler's behalf.  If so, he needed to ring the phone number on the letter to begin the claim, but should have plenty of info to hand when he made the call as they would be taking down the details.  Remembering the DLA form (all 42 pages of it) we made sure we had everything we could thing of, and I was there, tablet at the ready, to look up anything we ought to have to hand but didn't - you know, the GPs postcode; the neuro consultants secretary's extension number; the maiden name of the physio's next door neighbour.