Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Meet Tilly

After we lost our beautiful cat Meg last year we knew we would want to get a kitten at some point - Mr and I had cats before we had the kids, and my lap was just too empty with none in the house!  Once kitten season was in full swing we sent the message out that we were looking for a kitten, hoping that someone we knew would hear of a litter somewhere.  We were lucky in that we heard back very quickly that someone who runs a youth club that Smiler goes to had a pregnant cat, and offered us first pick of the litter.  After much anticipation, on Saturday we headed over and picked out a little ball of fluff to take home.  Though initially called Jinx, by Sunday she had become Tilly - and here she is.

So far we know that she likes snoozing, tuna and chasing her tail.  She has a wonderfully rumbly purr when she is being snuggled, and likes to sit in the crook of my neck when I'm sat on the sofa.  She and the dogs are still sizing one another up, but she has hissed and spat at them when they try to steal her food, which I look at as a great sign - personally I'd rather that than she be timid and run from them, but we'll have to wait and see how it goes I guess!

She has mastered getting on and off the sofas (her paws are like velcro), and has very enthusiastically shredded a couple of leaves of a houseplant - they were obviously too bouncy to be allowed to continue to grow.  Tilly has reminded us that although we've been putting off the final fiddly bits of the kitchen (partly because focus moved to other bits of the house that needed doing, including my glass house!), getting plinths which would cover the gap between the cupboards and the floor would be a very good idea...

Smiler, of course, is delighted.  Excuse the blur of the boy, but look at that smile!  Think she might need to get used to him too though - little bit wide eyed!  He can say her name recognizably, so we're hoping as her confidence grows she'll learn he's harmless, and always up for a cuddle.

Tilly is doing all the cute kitten things like climbing into an empty tissue box and then falling asleep, and she sits on my shoulder and purrs into my ear while she kneads my hair, which is very sweet, although probably not that hygenic!

In case you're wondering why we got a kitten rather than rehoming a cat, we considered it but encountered the same issue we'd faced before - with an individual in the house with a severe learning disability whose behaviour is unpredictable, we were not considered a good home (despite having had cats for 18 years, the house rarely being empty, big garden, quiet road - don't get me started!).

So, this is Tilly.

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