Gromit Unleashed

Gromit Unleashed was back in the summer of 2013, but I've heard Shaun the Sheep is expected to visit in 2015... in the meantime, take a peek at the splendor that was the Bristol Summer of Gromit!

It's Gromit Unleashed!  Last summer [2012] it was Gorilla's in aid of Bristol Zoo ~ a cunningly drafted publicity event involving eighty 5 foot tall gorillas, initially sponsored by businesses and then auctioned at the end (often bought by the sponsors!).

This year [2013 that is...], it's the turn of Aardmann creations Wallace and Gromit getting a turn . . . well, Gromit anyway . . .  They have been supporting the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children for many years through the Grand Appeal, but this year they're going one step further - well, quite a few steps further I guess - Gromit has been unleashed!

Eighty Gromits around and about, but one is at Paddington Station in London, so we definitely won't be seeing that one, and as to how many others we'll find - who knows!

So, time to start the Gromit hunt!

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